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Key Topics

The course has a series of learning modules that cover specific topics and have defined learning objectives.

Using design thinking process we will challenge you to find new ways of addressing your current situation, with the goal of defining a sustainable franchise

The six design patterns for successful transaction banking

  • Diagnostics
  • Organisation
  • Competency
  • Culture
  • Measurement
  • Simplicity
  • Phase I - Adoption
  • Phase II - Managing Performance
  • Phase III - Maturity

Building a Platform for Success: You will analyse your current organisational design and functional clarity, and will assess competency centres and partnerships. Your goal will be to determine how to organise for success..

Prioritising Your Plan: You will identify and analyse gaps in your operational plan, then define success. The takeaway will be a prioritised course of action of key initiatives.

Managing Performance: Using a core toolkit of health indictors you will define a sustainable product management function. You will include best practices on managing customer complexities and risk mitigation.

Securing Capital Commitments: Learning how to cut through conflict and gain group executive support in a capital restricted environment will be a crucial ingredient to your plan’s success.

Management Dashboard 360: Creating the ability to monitor your operations will be the key to long-term success. You will define the dashboard needed to support your new plan.